Vintage Runwoodie Kickback Sweater

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It was down in California 
Where the light hurt my eyes
I couldn't hear my thoughts or find a reason why
It was down in Louisiana
Where all my friends were now 
When something went black and escaped into the south 

So I went into the city 
Of whatever state I'm in 
I can't tell if it's New Orleans or if I'm drunk again 
I buried all my secrets 
In a tarnished leather book 
At which only me and the universe can look  

Thank god for himself 
For he's given me pain 
And if it's someone else 
You can erase them with blame 

So I jumped into a truck 
Driven by border clerks 
But halfway down to Mexico, I knew this wouldn't work 
They had it in for laughs 
At the expense of broken hearts 
I know they meant no harm but they were tearing me apart

The flag above my head 
Only made me feel sick 
Someone tried to sell me love but I knew it was a trick 
But when the sun finally fell 
And the stars shined on me
I understood what people meant when they told me I was free


Jordan Rowan


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